What is your Full name?

Jaysea DeVoe

How long have you been dreaming for?

14 Years

What is your Nationality?

Unites States

We know your busy being a full time Drea’mer but could you tell us a little bit about what it is your focusing on right now? 

At the moment I am traveling a lot till the end of summer. I am going currently in Cabo, then I travel to Bali. After Bali I go to the Mentawai islands. Once we get home back to the states I live on my boat at Catalina island for the rest of the summer. 


How did you come across Mahina Mermaid?

I came across Mahina mermaid through a friend of mine. Ever since i have love swimming with my fin. 

Where is the most memorable location / place you have taken your merfin?

I have traveled the world with my MerFin. I don't really have a favorite place that I've taken it because I love taking it everywhere!