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The Original Mermaid Fin - Mer'Fin- Designed by a real mermaid

‘Mahina Mermaid’ is a unique brand, inspired by an individuals’ life long connection to the ocean. Mahina, professional mermaid, designer and brand creator grew up by the ocean and like many children dreamed of being a mermaid. The difference is, when she grew up she really did become a mermaid. One of the pioneers of mermaiding - starting her professional career as a freelance mermaid in 2004, she went on to design the first functional mermaid mono swim fin available on the market. The Mer'Fin is the result of her passion to share that experience with the world, and to inspire a culture of connection and care with our natural water environments. The beauty, spirit and power of the ocean world provides us with many gifts. The Mer'Fin empowers women and girls to explore and experience that natural world in a feminine and fun way, while also encouraging a spirit of care and responsibility toward the ocean in return.